AirBadminton is designed to be played on hard, grass and sand surfaces in parks, gardens, streets, playgrounds and beaches around the world.

It should be played on an even and safe footing with plenty of room around the court dimensions. The preferred surface for competition is sand, as opposed to grass and hard which is earmarked for development and recreational play.

It is played on a rectangular and symmetrical court with a 2m dead zone either side of the net. If the AirShuttle lands in that area it is deemed a fault.


  • The playing court is a rectangle measuring 16m x 6m metres for doubles and triples, and 16m x 5m for singles; surrounded by a free zone, which is a minimum of 0.8m on all sides.
  • The free playing space measures a minimum 7m in height from the playing surface; which shall be free from all obstructions.
  • On sand, the height of the net is lower at 1.45m at the centre and 1.5m over the side lines for doubles and triples