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Physical Training for Badminton

The practical uses of the book, for players and coaches alike, are enhanced by clearly explained exercises given throughout the book as well as instructions on how to integrate these exercises into a training programme. “Physical training for badminton” is essential reading for coaches on IBF level 1, 2 and 3 courses and for all […]

The badminton overhead shot

Strokes that are hit on the forehand side above the head are called overhead shots and include the forehand overhead defensive clear, attacking clear, drop shot (slow or fast), half smash and smash.

Long term playing of Badminton improves the Visual Reaction Time

Reaction time is the time duration between applications of a visual stimulus to onset of response. The present study was conducted to measure simple visual reaction time in 51 Badminton players. Material Method: The Simple visual reaction time was measured by the direct RT computerized software in Badminton players. During the visual reaction time testing, […]

Information system design and its application of badminton video

In this paper, we mainly study on the relatively small moving target and its use in the badminton video, and we also study the relatively mining methods open space across the network sparring sport badminton video. Accurate extraction of a moving object based on the mining model is using to modified geometric features for the […]

Impact of feedback methods on skills learning of badminton

The present study was conducted to measure the effects of different feedback methods on the learning of two badminton skills among students of physical education. The study was conducted on 20 male students from Govt. College of Physical Education, Ganderbal, Kashmir and their aged ranged between 18-21 years. They were divided into two equal groups. […]