Para Badminton

Badminton and Para badminton both fall under the umbrella of the BWF, in accordance with our “One Sport – One Team” philosophy.  Badminton is a sport for all, meaning that it is accessible to people with a physical impairment.  Para badminton will debut as a Paralympic sport in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Para badminton athletes are grouped to compete in one of six Sport Classes to ensure fair and safe competition.

– Wheelchair Sport Classes – WH 1 and WH 2

– Standing Sport Classes – SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5

– Short Stature Sport Class – SH 6

This grouping is carried out by trained classifiers, who evaluate players and determine their sport class and sport class status for play in tournaments. More information about the different sport classes and the Classification Regulations can be downloaded on the Regulations page of the BWF Corporate site.

The BWF actively supports the professional development and education of those involved in para-badminton (including athletes, coaches and classifiers).  For further information on coaching para badminton athletes, please refer to the Coaching section, where you will find inclusive information on coaching in general, as well as a specific Disability Coaching section.  Para badminton athletes can also find useful information in the Players section.  For those interested in the BWF Classifier Education and Certification Programme, more information on classifier roles and responsibilities, as well as the requirements to become a classifier, can be found in this section.

BWF Classifier Training Certification

Overview of BWF Classifier Training Certification