Research Grants Online Application

BWF Research Grants


Before you start your application, please read the following steps carefully, which will assist you in preparing the information and documents you will need and answering the questions you will be asked in the process.

  • Every field has clear written instructions for filling up the particular section which should be strictly followed by the applicants while filling up the form.
  • Ensure that all the Evaluation Criteria in the Request for Proposal Guidelines are addressed.
  • Once the form is completed, you can submit your application by clicking the “Send Application” button.
  • Your Application, along with the required documentation, will be automatically sent to the BWF Development Team.

Applicants must upload the following supporting documents with their application:

  • Researcher Curriculum Vitae
  • Endorsement letter from your Academic Institution, Research Center or from your Member Association*
  • Detailed budget breakdown in Excel format

* Endorsement Letter from your university/institution stating the research is being undertaken with the oversight of the university / institution’s academic programme

It is your responsibility to provide all supporting documents. Applications where information or documentation is incomplete may not be considered.

  • When can I apply for the 2021-2022 BWF Research Grants?

The BWF Research Application process will be open from Monday 8 March 2021 to Monday 31 May 2021.  Applicants are encouraged to check the BWF Development website for further information, applicant guidelines and eligibility criteria.

  • Where can I submit an application? 

Applications must be submitted using the below online form.  The online application allows you to submit your complete application securely and quickly.

Applicants are encouraged to commence and submit their application as early as possible during the application period due to the large volume of users on the system in the lead up to the closing date. Submitting early ensures that you will not have any last minute technical problems due to the large number of applications being submitted.

  • How can I be sure my application has been submitted? 

Once you have completed your application and click on the Send Application button – a notification will appear advising your application has successfully been submitted.

Furthermore, once you click on the submit button, you will receive a system generated email containing the copy of your application.  Please keep a copy of this email for your records.  If you have submitted but did not receive a notification email, you may contact BWF Development Officer Tracy Tan at [email protected]

  • How long will it take to have my application assessed?

As the BWF Research Programme attracts a large number of applications from all over the world overseas, the processing time for applications takes between 4-5 weeks.  All applicants, both successful and unsuccessful are notified of the outcome of their application.

  • If my application has been unsuccessful, can I be provided with information as to why?

Due to the high volume of applications received, the department does not provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

  • Should I submit additional documents not listed in the supporting documents of the applicant guidelines?

No. Applicants should not include additional documents which are not listed in the supporting documents table as they will not be taken into consideration.  To ensure a fair and equitable assessment, applications are only assessed on the required documents listed in the Supporting Documents section.

  • How much funding would each research project receive?

The BWF has a research grant budget of US$ 95,000 for this year’s programme, which will be distributed among successful applications.  Normally, one project receives between USD 6.000-8.000.  However, the Evaluation Panel will confirm the final amount.

  • What can be included as ‘investigator allowance’?

The investigator allowance helps compensate for the time and personal expenses the research team will spend participating in the research project. These can include:

  • Purchase of books, periodicals and journals.
  • Purchase of materials, supplies, mailing, and expendables.
  • Purchase of minor equipment.
  • Fees paid to research subjects, such as modest incentives for participation, where ethics clearance has been obtained

  • Can I submit same project proposal from a previous year?

Applicants may not submit the same project proposal twice without having introduced significant changes.

Online Application Form

    (1) Institution / Researcher

    Institution's Name
    Researcher's Name (including title)
    Researcher's Qualifications (please attach CV as a PDF file - max 2mb)
    Institutional application or Individual application?
    Endorsement Letter (please attach as a PDF file - max 2mb)
    Mobile Phone
    Office Phone
    Email Address (please include only one email address)
    If the study is connected to a longer-term study through an institution - or as part of post graduate degree work (eg. Masters or PhD). Please provide details.

    675 characters remaining

    (2) Research Focus/Scope/Relevance/Outcomes

    Project Title - it must be short and precise. It should be a single phrase without final point.

    115 characters remaining

    Synopsis/Summary - should be comprehensible to the general reader; give a clear statement of the purpose of the paper and provide relevant context to support the basis for the paper and the significance of the work; do not exhaustively review the literature.

    1350 characters remaining

    Description - Research focus & scope

    3600 characters remaining

    Originality - is this a new area or a follow up focus area that adds value to existing research - if so - how?

    675 characters remaining

    Research Question(s) - no more than two research questions.

    450 characters remaining

    Relevance to Badminton

    675 characters remaining

    Methodology - overview must include how participants will be recruited.

    1800 characters remaining

    Outcomes - how will the outcomes benefit badminton coaches, players and/or members of the entourage?

    1350 characters remaining

    Immediate Impact - how can the result be applied/used for practice in coaching/talent development/other areas?

    675 characters remaining

    Additional information - on the research focus relevant to your application. Please also include your previous experience of research in badminton.

    900 characters remaining

    (3) Research Process - 2021/2022

    Broad Stages / Timeline - describe the broad staging of the research and timeframes.

    450 characters remaining

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Provide a detailed explanation and expected outcomes for reporting on 21 January 2022 and 11 November 2022.

    450 characters remaining

    (4) Research Context / Added Value

    Importance - describe why this research is important to conduct for world badminton.

    450 characters remaining

    Point of Difference - why do you think this research has 'an edge' over other grant applications?

    450 characters remaining

    (5) Journals Publishing

    Proposed journals for publication - the grant recipient will be requested to submit the study to a peer-reviewed journal. Please list up to 3 journals where you intend to publish your study.

    450 characters remaining

    (6) Research Grant and Estimated Costs

    Total expected cost of this research project (in USD)
    Have other sources of funding been secured to conduct the project?
    Total funds requested for this application (in USD)
    Other sources of funding and estimated amounts
    Detailed Budget (please attach budget as an excel file - max 1mb)
    Budget Justification (please attach document as a Word file - max 1mb)

    (7) Declaration

    By submitting this form I declare that I.....

    • have carefully read and followed the instructions when completing the application;
    • have read the Request for Proposal guidelines and understand the intent of the BWF Research Grants Programme and the criteria for evaluating applications;
    • understand that if my project is selected for a grant, a Research Grant Agreement will need to be signed between the BWF and myself / my institution;
    • understand that BWF has the right to publish on the BWF website and other communications platforms the names of successful applicants and to provide a synopsis of the focus and scope of the research in order to promote the research project and research in badminton;
    • understand that the research findings, methodology and details of the study will be made available to practitioners in the field and published by the BWF on its website or through other BWF communication channels at the conclusion of the research;
    • declare that the information in this document is accurate.