Trainee Classifier

A Trainee Classifier is in the process of being trained by the BWF and is not yet certified as a classifier.  A trainee cannot be a member of a classification panel at an international tournament.  The duties of the trainee may include participation in and observation of the classification process to become familiar with the Classification Regulations, development of competencies and proficiencies relevant to Player Evaluation, assistance in research, and attendance at classification meetings at Competitions.

To be considered for training as an International Classifier, a Trainee Classifier must be:

  • a medical professional – a doctor or physiotherapist (or practitioner from a related discipline) who has knowledge and experience in dealing with people with the impairments and the Activity Limitations described in the Sport Profiles;


  • a technical expert with in-depth knowledge of biomechanics of sport/human movement and significant expertise in the technical aspects of badminton.

Candidates must be:

  • Able to communicate effectively in English – undertake classifier training and conduct player evaluations in English.
  • Able to commit time as a para badminton classifier once qualified.

The following would be a significant advantage in training to be a para badminton classifier:

  • Experience and/or qualifications as a national classifier in para badminton.
  • Experience and/or international classifier in another sport.
  • Knowledge of badminton, its rules and physical and technical demands of the sport.