Membership Development

BWF members represent considerable diversity – from large countries to small, from well-established badminton programmes to new grassroots initiatives.  Because there is no “one size fits all” measure, the BWF’s development initiatives can be adapted according to the particular needs of different members.

The BWF relies on certain member-provided information, including the Schedule A (annual) and the Membership Survey (every two years), to provide an overall picture of certain elements of:

  • governance
  • infrastructure
  • training and competition
  • financial capacity

The BWF has used this information to carry out a categorisation of its member countries, based on factors like:

  • number of registered members
  • number of coaches/staff employed by the national federation
  • infrastructure(office, training facilities)
  • development initiatives in place (schools badminton / coach development / technical officials training)
  • participation in international events
  • hosting of national/international events
  • presence on the world ranking

This process helps in understanding the diverse development situations within member countries.  The membership resources in this section reflect the principal needs detected in achieving a more global development of our sport.