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Wearable flex sensor system for multiple badminton player grip identification

Category: Engineering and Technology
Author: Jacob, A., Zakaria, W. N. W., Tomari, M. R. B. M., Sek, T. K. & Suberi, A. A. M.
Year: 2017
Language: English
Region: Pan America
Excerpt: This paper focuses on the development of a wearable sensor system to identify the different types of badminton grip that is used by a player during training. Badminton movements and strokes are fast and dynamic, where most of the involved movement are difficult to identify with the naked eye. Also, the usage of high processing optometric motion capture system is expensive and causes computational burden. Therefore, this paper suggests the development of a sensorized glove using flex sensor to measure a badminton player’s finger flexion angle. The proposed Hand Monitoring Module (HMM) is conn

Winning isn’t everything: How sports competition rules can make you want to lose

Category: Psychology
Author: Pauly, M.
Year: 2015
Language: English
Region: Europe
Excerpt: Commentators of the matches called the players’ behavior ‘‘a disgrace,’’ ‘‘infringing on the spirit of sports,’’ and ‘‘disastrous for badminton.’’ In two badminton matches of the 2012 London Olympics, eight players were disqualified from the female doubles competition for deliberately trying to lose their matches, by serving into the net on purpose or missing the birdie deliberately. The matches were accompanied by the booing of an angry crowd. The reason these players wanted to lose their games was to face an easier opponent in the next round of the competition: In t


Years of training: a new risk factor in acute badminton injuries | [Das Trainingsalter–ein neuer Risikofaktor akuter Badmintonverletzungen.]

Category: Medicine and Sports Injuries
Author: Kluger, R., Stiegler, H. & Engel, A.
Year: 1999
Language: German
Region: Europe
Excerpt: The incidence of badminton injuries is low compared with other sports, but acute injuries are generally more severe. Little is known about the risk of competitive badminton players to get an acute badminton injury. The purpose of this study was to define for the first time “years of playing badminton on a competitive level” as a risk factor for acute badminton injuries. 179 badminton injuries of 102 Austrian competitive badminton players, some of them being elite players in the european championships, were retrospectively registered. The years 1993, 1994 and 1995 were covered by ou