Event Organizers

Events play a key part in promoting badminton as a dynamic, attractive sport.  Current and potential fans may be engaged by viewing live matches in their area, or through media coverage of local, national or world events. The more top-quality events are held, the more fans can be engaged and involved in the sport.

High-quality events are complex in terms of organisation – before, during and after – and require attention to a large number of details.  In order to help national federations improve the quality of their events or upgrade to higher-level events, the BWF has created a series of educational resources for event organisers.  The Events Programme consists of:

Introductory Event Management Course (Online)

providing a general introduction to BWF events

  • Level 1 Event Management Course (face-to-face) – aimed at event organisers wishing to stage Grade 3 events
  • Level 2 Event Management Course (face-to-face) – aimed at event organisers interested in upgrading Grade 3 events to Grade 2