Referees are responsible for the overall aspects of a tournament, including adherence to the Laws of Badminton and other regulations.

Similarly to umpires, referees generally begin their training within the national context.  Promising national referees may be invited to move up to the continental level.  Based on their performance at the continental level, they may be recommended for advancement to the BWF level.

There are two levels of BWF Referees’ Manuals to support training processes:

  • Level 1 is aimed at preparing candidates up to the national level.
  • Level 2 is aimed at preparing candidates up to the continental level.

The Level 1 Referees’ Manual is available in English, French, and Spanish. The Level 2 Referees’ Manual is available in English. (Register here) It is important to point out that at the continental and BWF levels, training and evaluation is carried out in English.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a referee, please contact your national federation to find out about opportunities and training.