As professional athletes, badminton players will from time to time – or more often if they have successful careers – be in demand for media interviews.

While some players adapt easily to being in the spotlight and handle themselves well, others may be nervous and not as comfortable with questions being fired at them while microphones, lights and cameras point in their direction. Of course, these situations may unfold in not-too-pleasant circumstances, for example when a player has just lost a big match. Still, there is an obligation as a professional sports personality to face the media – win or lose.

On a positive note, players can use media exposure to promote themselves and badminton; and win over fans and potential corporate partners.

BWF has been holding workshops to help players understand the media’s role; how they should interact with media; and the benefits of having a good media image. This initiative has been well received and will be ongoing to further develop players’ skills in speaking to and engaging with media as they travel the world competing in badminton tournaments.

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