Global Research

One of the roles of the BWF Sport Science Working Group is to ensure that current scientific research on badminton on performance and safety is made available to badminton coaches.

A review of the available worldwide literature relating to badminton has been conducted. This is an enormous task so the first stage of the project has been limited to major English-language texts and publications and to key references since 2000. In addition, a collation of literature in languages other than English will be undertaken to inform future stages of the project.

Preliminary research has used the Sportdiscus database, the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) sports library, and the National Institute of Education Library of Singapore.

A total of over 400 citations have been scanned and are arranged in the following subject areas:

Sports Medicine Kinesiology Coaching Sports Engineering
Exercise physiology Biomechanics Sports pedagogy Racket design
Sports nutrition Anthropometry Sports psychology Shoe design
Sports injuries Skill development Flight of the shuttlecock
Badminton injuries Sports sociology
Match analysis
Visualization technology
Motivational studies









General overviews have been produced for Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Notational Analysis, Sociology of Sport, Biomechanics, Sports Injuries, and Sports Engineering.

In addition, a total of 33 Chinese-language publications, 7 French-language publications, 12 German-language publications, 7 Japanese-language publications and 16 Korean-language publications have been identified that address sports science research related to badminton.