Olympic Solidarity Programme’s 2022 Initiatives

December 2, 2022

The aim of the Olympic Solidarity Programme is to organise assistance via the relevant International Federation to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the greatest need of it.

Since starting in 2018, the programme has supported more than 30 Badminton World Federation Members, with Technical Courses for Coaches, Coach Scholarship, Athlete Scholarship Paris 2024 and Development of National Sport System the type of activities delivered.

So far this year, the Ecuador Badminton Federation, the Hungarian Badminton Association and the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation have successfully carried out these initiatives.

Ecuador (9-15 May)

Delivered BWF Coach Education Level 1 to 13 (seven male, six female) participants.

Hungary (February-August)

Delivered various Coaching and Talent Identification Workshop for coaches.

Azerbaijan (25 June-4 July)

An International Coaching Course Level 1 was delivered by expert Morteza Validarvi to 24 participants (13 male, 11 female) in the autonomous region of Nakhchivan. With all the appropriate facilities, the session started in the presence of journalists and officials. Subscription cards were donated to participants on the final day and the delivery was featured in the news on local TV (here).

Pan American Members Brazil and Peru and their Asian counterparts Mongolia and Cambodia will deliver similar activities in the final quarter of 2022.