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AirBadminton Takes Off in Africa

After making an impact at several places around the world, AirBadminton’s arrival in Africa happened with a friendly team relay competition at the University of Mauritius on 15 December 2020.

BWF Membership Grants Programme Gets Going

Under the BWF Membership Grants Programme, activated in 2020, over 100 Member Associations received their first sums of money in November. Due to COVID-19, the funds were aimed at stimulating a return of badminton activities, with ‘Back to Badminton’ the underlying theme. These are the highlights of the national activities delivered in November and December.

How Science Backs BWF Coach Education

One of the benefits of the Swiss ball training, part of the BWF Coach Education Level 2 Resources, is its positive effect on the integrity of functional movements and balance of upper and lower limbs of teenage badminton players.

Sport Industry Scholarship Programme 2020 for Dual Career Athletes, Member Association Staff & Young Athletes – Updates

BWF received more than 70 PGCert in International Sports Management applications from at least 35 countries, comprising staffs of Member Associations, current and former athletes (badminton and Para badminton), technical officials, coaches and university graduates, with female applicants making up 36 per cent. And also received more than 310 Athlete Certificate applications from more than 60 countries, with female youth athletes accounting for 40 per cent of it.