What’s New

Badminton Flies High in Tunisia

A series of development activities to further develop and promote badminton in the country were held from 11–23 March 2021 by the Tunisia Badminton Federation with support from BCA Development Officer Ahmad Reda and BWF Dubai Badminton Development Manager Jaffer Ebrahim.

Coach Education Level 3 Virtual Closing Activities

The BWF has recently held its first “virtual graduation” activities, recognising the accomplishments of our pioneer groups on the groundbreaking Coach Education Level 3 course. The first two pilots were run in Asia and Europe, with candidates exploring high-level topics in coaching, followed by a long-term course project, under the supervision of the course tutors.

AirBadminton Takes Off in Africa

After making an impact at several places around the world, AirBadminton’s arrival in Africa happened with a friendly team relay competition at the University of Mauritius on 15 December 2020.