Players are central to development, promotion and performance in badminton. They are the main ‘actors’ on the ‘field of play’.

Top players start their playing careers early, and very often, their playing career at the top level is relatively short. Players need to build skills and knowledge not only for their playing careers but also to prepare them for a life beyond badminton.  The BWF also sees the importance of those who influence players the most – the players’ entourage.

The relationship and interaction among players, coaches, managers, medical practitioners, sponsors and all other stakeholders that support players is critical. Entourage members play an important role in enhancing the players’ performance, and they are central to a player’s development.

The BWF Player Career and Entourage Policy focuses on the players and their careers beyond badminton, as well as on those who influence players in their development – members of the player entourage.



BWF’s Player Career and Entourage Policy is based on the following principles.

  • Players as the central ‘actors’ in a performance system
  • Holistic approach to player training, education and development (360 degrees)
  • Lifelong learning for players
  • Raising awareness of educational and developmental resources and opportunities for players
  • Ethics and ethical behaviour – special focus on anti-doping and anti-betting areas
  • Healthy and optimal conditions for player development
  • The player entourage (coaches, managers, etc.) playing a central role in influencing the development of players.