Classification Development

Overview & Pathway

Para badminton athletes are grouped to compete in one of six Sport Classes to ensure fair and safe competition.

  • Wheelchair Sport Classes – WH 1 and WH 2
  • Standing Sport Classes – SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5
  •  Short Stature Sport Class – SH 6

This grouping is carried out by certified BWF International Classifiers, who evaluate players and determine their sport class and sport class status for play in tournaments. More information about the different sport classes and the Classification Regulations can be downloaded on the Regulations page of the BWF Corporate site.

To encourage the delivery of tournaments at a national level, the BWF supports the development of national classifiers. BWF National Classifier workshops are delivered in two levels. National Classifier Level 1 & 2 workshops involve a combination of theory and observation sessions, and are designed to support National Badminton Associations, who wish to deliver Para badminton activities and tournaments in their country.

Please note that in order to attend a National Level 2 Classifier Workshop, participants must meet specific criteria, we therefore advise Member Associations and National Paralympic Committees to select representatives based on their long-term plans to develop a national classifier workforce.

In order to service the classification of athletes at International Tournaments, the BWF has developed a small yet active workforce of International Classifiers. The training of International Classifiers is carried out on a need’s basis, through a closed selection process.

For more information on the BWF Para badminton classifier structure and pathway please click here.