The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organize assistance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs), in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This assistance takes the form of programmes elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the International Federations (IFs), if necessary. – (Rule 5, Olympic Charter)

Between each Olympic Games, the IOC, the International Sports Federations and NOCs focus on developing sport and Olympic Solidarity plays an important role in this.

Olympic Solidarity is the organization responsible for distributing the share of television revenue from the Olympic Games that is allocated to NOCs. It assists NOCs and Continental Associations to develop sport through programmes which are based on specific development needs.

The areas most relevant to badminton are:

  • Athletes – scholarships for Paris 2024 Olympic Games
  • Athletes – support for Youth Olympic Games
  • Coaches – technical courses for coaches
  • Coaches – Olympic scholarships for coaches
  • National Federation– development of a national sports structure

Olympic Solidarity Programmes

Here is a brief overview of the Olympic Solidarity programmes that are important for national badminton associations

1. Athletes

    a. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes “Paris 2024”

  • This programme will operate in the 2 years prior to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. (Dates to be announced)
  • Information & application forms will be available from the relevant NOC

    b. Youth Olympic Games

  • The programme provides Athlete Scholarships for young athletes who have the potential to qualify for and participate in the Youth Olympic Summer Games 2018.
  • The programme is also for athletes identified by their NOC to benefit from the universality places.
  • In this programme there are also Individual Training Grants available for young athletes focused on the preparation for the Youth Olympic Games.
  • Information and application forms are available from the relevant NOC.

    2. Coaches

     a. Technical courses for coaches

  • This is the same successful programme as in previous years.
  • National Federations can apply now for technical courses for coaches on a yearly basis with their National Olympic Committee.
  • Information & application forms are already available from the relevant NOC.

    b. Olympic Scholarships for coaches

  • This programme supports recognised coaches to access high level further education and here Olympic Solidarity are specially targeting the promotion of women in sport.
  • Olympic Solidarity will, in principle, allocate only ONE Olympic Scholarship per year per NOC.
  • Information and application forms are available from the relevant NOC.

3. Development of National Sports Structure

  • This is one of the most successful programmes for badminton. Badminton associations can get an international expert for 3 – 6 months into the country and be part of your programme.
  • Olympic Solidarity accepts only ONE request per year per NOC.
  • Information and application forms are available from the relevant NOC.

National Federations should request information from their NOCs on:

  1. What Olympic Solidarity funding is available through the relevant NOC?
  2. The application process.


BWF Development Officer – Tracy Tan [email protected]