AirBadminton Blooming Globally

May 7, 2021

Since its global launch in Guangzhou, China in May 2019, AirBadminton has grown steadily and been widely welcomed around the world.

A number of Badminton Australia clubs have been running AirBadminton events across the country on various surfaces. Sunny AirBadminton days have proven a hit.

Badminton Costa Rica organised its first AirBadminton Festival in early January. A total of 36 male and female players from different clubs were invited. The event was held on four grass pitches on a football field.

A singles tournament was played in the morning and in the afternoon, doubles and triples tournaments were held. The participants found the activity to be “very intense, fun and different”.

The AirBadminton launch took place at Baron Empain Palace, one of Egypt’s beautiful landmarks which has so many tales and legends surrounding it. The launch was powered by local sponsors and in collaboration with Badminton Confederation of Africa and Egyptian Badminton Federation.

The sun and the historical venue provided all participants an enjoyable experience playing AirBadminton.

AirBadminton Exhibition launched by the El Salvador Badminton Federation in March was a success. Utilising the beach volleyball courts from the National Gymnasium “Adolfo Pineda” of San Salvador, the AirBadminton experience on sand was exciting and fun for players.

Saudi Badminton Federation held the AirBadminton launch at the Riyadh King Fahad National Library. More than 20 participants enjoyed the experience of playing AirBadminton on hard and grass surfaces.

The federation is planning to work with other stakeholders to ensure AirBadminton courts are set up at playgrounds in the regions.

Tunisia welcomed AirBadminton with a workshop and competition at a picturesque locale in Tozeur city on 17 March. The launch and competition, which saw 18 male and six female players take part, was at Ong El Jamel, famous as the filming location of Star Wars. The location was chosen as it provided a stunning backdrop, besides being ideal for AirBadminton.

The competition also served as test event for an international competition that is planned for November.