Coaching Pathways for Para Players

February 7, 2023

The BWF in collaboration with West Asia Para Federation (WAPF) organised a BWF Coach Education Level 1 Course for current and former Para badminton athletes.

This course aims to integrate athletes with disability into the BWF coaching pathway, providing opportunities for athletes to develop skills and increase their future employment opportunities after retiring from competing.

The course was delivered over five days from 16-20 January 2023 at the Ajman Club for the Disabled Sports Hall in Ajman City, UAE.

Twelve current and former Para badminton athletes from 12 countries attended the course, aiming to become certified BWF Level 1 coaches. The course was delivered by BWF Tutors, Indonesia’s Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah and Australia’s Ian Michael Bridge.

  1. Ali Mukasa Kibirango (UGA)
  2. Evelyne Kakpo (BEN)
  3. Nasr Elsayed Youssif Elsayed (EGY)
  4. Abu Hubaida (IND)
  5. Feras Sheiha (SYR)
  6. Helle Sofie Sagoy (NOR)
  7. Martin Stewart Rooke (ENG)
  8. Carrie Joanne Wilson (NZL)
  9. Adriane Spinetti Avila (BRA)
  10. Amy Burnett (USA)
  11. Pascal Lapointe (CAN)
  12. Salama Rashed Mohamed Abdulla Alkhateri (UAE)
BWF Tutors - Ian Bridge (left) & Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah (right)

“It was a great opportunity and challenge to deliver the BWF Level 1 course and disability module to a group of Para coaches. Having delivered both courses independently, this was a unique and exciting experience for me as a tutor along with the players who fully engaged in the course. They worked extremely hard and it was great to see them still smiling at the end of the week and eager to go back to their country and put their learning into practice.” – Ian Michael Bridge, BWF Tutor

“For me, the BWF training course in Dubai was a new experience and a great opportunity to deliver the course for current/former Para athletes from different CCs and nations. It was interesting and challenging to have participants with various classifications, and we delivered both BWF Coach Level 1 and BWF Disability Coaching. It was good to see them when they were working in a group, where they supported each other despite the language barrier. We received positive feedback from the participants about the BWF materials and course.” – Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah, BWF Tutor

BWF Tutors & Martin Steward

“It was such a great opportunity to work with so many people with different disabilities and from so many countries.  It made the week a little more challenging, having to adapt my coaching skills.” – Martin Stewart Rooke (England), WH2 male player

Salama Rashed, Carie Joanne & Helle Sofie (from left to right)

“This course was a great way to start our coaching journey as it taught us the fundamentals of coaching badminton in a progressive manner with all the correct techniques. Also, we had the opportunity to practice and learn alongside amazing players with different disabilities from all around the world. Having players with different Para badminton classifications gave us a great insight into how they adapt the basic techniques to fit their abilities in order to play the game efficiently.  Overall, it was an enlightening and fun experience. I would like to thank all the coaches and organisers for delivering a great course. I would like to also thank the BWF for giving us to this amazing opportunity and delivering an inclusive coaching course.”  – Salama Rashed Mohamed Abdulla Alkhateri (UAE), SL4 female player

Photo Credit: James Varghese