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Yes, the resources can only be accessed by registered users.

Resources available for coaches include Coaches’ Manuals for Level 1 and Level 2, and the corresponding video clips. Level 3 is coming soon.

The video clips for Level 1 and Level 2 can be viewed here: link

Level 1 includes:

  • Coaching principles
  • The planning of progressive sessions
  • Basic performance factors: technical, tactical, physical, psychological and lifestyle
  • Types of competitions

Level 2 covers:

  • How to coach
  • When to coach
  • Annual planning cycles
  • More advanced performance factors: technical, tactical, physical, psychological and lifestyle

Level 3 will cover:

  • Coaching systems
  • Youth development models
  • Elite coaching
  • Motor learning
  • Biomechanics

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Yes, once you are registered, you will be able to access the different levels of Coach Education materials in the various languages available.

Level 1 is available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Czech, Slovenian, Swedish and Polish.

Level 2 is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Czech.

Level 3 will initially be available in English.

There may be other language versions made available in the future.

Coach Education courses are run through the National Federations or the Continental Confederations. Please contact your National Badminton Federation ( for information on upcoming courses. If your National Federation is not currently running Coach Education courses, please let them know of your interest! Also, you can contact your Continental Confederation ( to find out if there are courses offered in your region.

Due to the hands-on nature of our Coach Education programme, courses are currently only run in face-to-face sessions. In 2020, we will introduce a blended-learning option, which will allow candidates to complete some theoretical portions on-line prior to attending a shorter face-to-face course. However, there will always be a face-to-face component in each course.

Once Level 3 is released, National Federations with established coaching programmes will be able to apply for BWF equivalency. This will allow coaches with those national credentials to achieve an internationally recognised BWF certification, as well as to progress within the BWF Coach Education framework.

Yes, absolutely! The BWF’s inclusive philosophy is “One Sport – One Team”. The principles in our Shuttle Time and Coach Education resources are applicable to ALL players, including those with physical or intellectual disabilities. In addition to these inclusive principles, BWF has developed a new Level 1 module which addresses some specific areas of focus when coaching players with disabilities.