AirBadminton is a concept that brings to life a vision of a fun, new inclusive outdoor game for everyone. It tells the real story of our game and what it represents – something fresh and different; with new rules, new courts and a new shuttlecock.

It provides a link to what we believe best represents the outdoor environment through the word ‘Air’, while maintaining an emphasis on our core function which is to protect and serve as guardians of the existence of badminton.

Therefore, it was important for us to ensure that the word ‘badminton’ was uncompromised in any manner, so as to create a strong, recognisable brand that is in keeping with the roots of the sport.

To us, badminton is a sport for all and we believe this new outdoor game is critical in our attempts to promote the sport in more countries and to more people. We also envisage that AirBadminton will function as a development, recreational and competitive game, and thus sticking to our core product title of badminton was essential.

The aim of AirBadminton is to inspire more people to play more badminton in more places. As such, we feel the conceptualised name of AirBadminton works to facilitate and promote key messages of fun, participation and inclusiveness within sport.