Member Association Reporting

In order to access support through the BWF Membership Grants Programme, Member Associations must submit all necessary planning, budgeting & reporting documents.

Member Associations which meet the eligibility criteria, will be contacted by the BWF, with a package of three to four areas of support to choose from. In order to access support, Member Associations must complete the Activity Support Budget and Financial and Activity Report forms:

Activity Support Budget

In this document, Member Associations outline the areas of support they are selecting, and provide a breakdown of how the grant will be used to support each area

To support the planning and budgeting process, the BWF will provide a calendar of the dates, times and locations of activities that will take place on a continental level.     

Financial & Activity Report

Following the delivery of activities, Member Associations must provide a detailed breakdown of how the funds provided by the BWF were utilised. Member Associations will be asked to submit copies of invoices and relevant documents. Member Associations will also be asked to provide a summary of the key outcomes and impact of the grant.

Note: In order to access the grant support for the following year, Member Associations must complete and submit the above documents following the Membership Grant Implementation Process.

For more information, please contact the BWF Development Team at [email protected]