Individual Competition


Individual Events

Mixed Doubles

Men’s Triples

Women’s Triples


Before each match commences, a toss shall be conducted, and the side winning the toss shall exercise the choice:

– to serve or receive first;
– to start play at one end of the court or the other.

The side losing the toss shall then exercise the remaining choice.

Scoring System

A match shall consist of the best of five games.

A game shall be won by the side which first scores 11 points.

If the score is tied at 10-all, the side which gains a two-point lead first will win the game.

If the score becomes 12-all, the side scoring the 13th point shall win the game.

A team winning a game shall serve first in the next match.

Change of Ends

At the end of the second game.

At the end of the third game, if there is to be a fourth game.

At the end of the fourth game, if there is to be a fifth game; and

And the fifth game when a side first scores 6 points.

Prior to each match, the teams will have two minutes official warm-up period.