The BWF is acutely aware that in many of our member associations, facilities, including their availability and the development of more and better facilities, are a key factor in the growth of badminton. We would therefore like to explain the areas where we are able to offer support in this area.

The BWF can assist with the following:

  • Badminton England/ Sport England facility design guidelines, which give guidance and recommendations for the development of appropriate facilities for badminton
  • Letters of support to key stakeholders to aid in the process of facility development
  • Support, in conjunction with our Continental Confederation partners, for meetings with key stakeholders to establish facility strategies on a national and regional level
  • Recognition of supporting partners on a national/regional basis
  • Recognition, where criteria are met, of national or regional training centres
  • Assistance in identifying appropriate plans for the development of new facilities suitable for badminton, or the reconversion of existing facilities to meet the needs of badminton.

Please note: Although the BWF is motivated to encourage the development of badminton facilities we are unable to offer financial support to the process.