Membership Grant Programme


In October 2019, the BWF Council approved a new Membership Grants Programme for the period 2020-2024.

The BWF Membership Grant Programme provides opportunities for Member Associations to access tailored support, to assist them in developing badminton in their country. The programme supports Capacity Building of Member Associations –  one of the five strategic priorities of the BWF Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024.

The programme provides further funding for Member Associations, and compliments the existing grants provided by the BWF for Regional development to its five Continental Confederations.

Key Principles of Membership Grants Programme

  • Focus on building the capacity of Member Associations with a long-term approach
  • Support the growth of badminton at a national level
  • Support should focus on training and development of people
  • Support should be tailored to the needs of Member Associations
  • Member Associations must demonstrate clear outcomes and submit necessary reporting

Eligibility for Support

In order to access support, Member Associations should meet the following eligibility criteria:

Assessing Needs

The Membership Grants Programme is designed to support eligible Member Associations who demonstrate specific developmental needs.

Areas of development are identified through the analysis of the results from the BWF Membership Questionnaire and Categorisation Tool.

Determining Support Offered to Member Associations

The following areas are considered when determining support to be offered to each Member Association:

  • Areas of development highlighted through the BWF Categorisation Tool
  • Priorities highlighted by MAs through the BWF Membership Questionnaire
  • Areas of development highlighted by the Continental Confederations

Based on the above areas, the BWF, in collaboration with its Continental Confederations, offer a package of specific support to each Member Association.

Support Available

Base Grant

Eligible Member Associations may receive a support grant of up to $5,000 USD through the BWF Membership Grant Programme 2020-2024, which can be used to support a series of developmental areas, identified by the BWF.

Grants are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to Member Associations fulfilling all eligibility requirements.

Enhanced Grant

In some cases, the BWF may offer an additional support grant to a small number of Member Associations. These Member Associations may be selected based on identified strategic, commercial or market growth priorities and opportunities.

For more information please contact the BWF Development Team at [email protected]