Membership Questionnaire

To better understand the diversity of its Member Associations, and to support the provision of tailored support both regionally and nationally, the BWF conducts a biennial Membership Questionnaire, which gathers data on a range of areas, including:

  • Governance and Administration
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Participation
  • Events
  • High Performance
  • Priorities and Support

The BWF Members Questionnaire is completed online and is available for members in English, Spanish and French.

The information provided by Member Associations, along with other data, is the basis for the BWF Membership Catogorisation, which groups members into categories based on their level of development.

Through conducting the Membership Questionnaire, the BWF are able to better understand the needs of Member Associations, while also tracking progress and growth against investment in certain development areas.

An example of this is the BWF Shuttle Time Programme, which was developed following information received, showing a high number of Member Associations that did not have any resources to support the provision of badminton in schools. Today more than 140 Member Associations are implementing the BWFs Shuttle Time Programme.

BWF Members Questionnaire 2020 has completed by 186 Member Associations:

The next Members Questionnaire 2022 has been carried out in December 2021.

For more information please contact the BWF Development Team at [email protected]