Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world with more than 300 million active players globally.

It is an inclusive sport, accessible to both males and females equally across a range of ages and skill levels. The health and social benefits of the sport are wide and varied.

And with recent data indicating these benefits are the same for both indoor and outdoor play, the potential for increased participation is enormous.

  1. Badminton can help with weight loss and weight control because of its fat-burning and metabolism boosting qualities. Combined with proper diet, optimal weight loss may be achieved.
  2. In fact, playing badminton burns fat at approximately 450 calories per hour.
  3. Playing recreational badminton raises heart rates to 80-85 per cent of the players’ predicted maximum heart rate which is significantly higher for that of tennis.
  4. Regular play is great for keeping hearts healthy, conditioning and strengthening the heart muscle, reducing hypertension and limiting the risk of blood vessels clogging.
  5. Racket sports with a strong and enriched social connectedness such as badminton can extend longevity by as much as nine years.
  6. During 20 minutes of badminton, players will make at least 350 changes in direction of 90 degrees or more, building speed, strength, agility and flexibility.
  7. Badminton is an inclusive sport accessible to people with disabilities.

AirBadminton promises to accentuate these benefits by providing more positive badminton experiences to more people in more places.

It also has huge potential through our BWF Shuttle Time project.

A recent study of two age groups (6-7 and 10-11), indicates that BWF Shuttle Time can positively impact the health and well-being of school children.

Shuttle Time aims to make badminton one of the world’s most popular and accessible school sports, encouraging children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, both in and out of school.

Given that indoor facilities in many countries are limited and expensive, being able to play in an outdoor environment through AirBadminton and the AirShuttle is key to raising the levels of participation and awareness of Shuttle Time.