What’s New

Calling all coaches!!

The University of Ghent (Belgium), HAN University of applied sciences (The Netherlands) and the IAT – Leipzig (Germany) would like to invite you (coaches) to be part of ongoing research related to rackets sports.

Coach Education Level 3 Virtual Closing Activity – Pan Am

In October, the BWF celebrated another “virtual graduation” activity, this time for the recently named Level 3 coaches in the Pan Am region. This represents the last of the pioneer groups on the groundbreaking Coach Education Level 3 course, in which course candidates explore high-level topics in coaching, in addition to completing a long-term course project.

Badminton Camp a success again in Norway

Early last month (8-10 October), the Moss Badmintonklubb organised the second Badminton Camp and Tournament in Moss with the support from the Norwegian Badminton Association to provide a place where players with different disabilities (both physical and intellectual) could meet and play badminton.

AirBadminton round the world

From July until September this year, AirBadminton launches and test events are organised in various countries globally. Lets highlight some of those activities in Mexico, Netherlands and Spain.