BWF recognises that many local authorities face challenges to provide indoor sports facilities, and with this there is the need to find effective, economic and sustainable ways of providing badminton opportunities.

AirBadminton facilities not only facilitate physical activity opportunities that can contribute to individual health and wellbeing, they also support broader positive community outcomes, including social connections, community belonging, and social gatherings.

AirBadminton permanent courts enable broad community use, events, and contribute to the overall economic sustainability of the communities in which they exist.

The AirBadminton Community Project approach aims to:.

  • Increase accessibility to AirBadminton by constructing public courts around cities.
  • Transform under-utilised spaces to create opportunities for the general public to play AirBadminton.
  • Partner with local government to install AirBadminton permanent courts in available public spaces.

The recommended equipment for permanent court is weather and vandal resistant, enabling courts to remain open all year round.

National Badminton Associations are encouraged to conduct appropriate research and planning to identify potential spaces to install AirBadminton permanent courts.

Combined AirBadminton Court

AirBadminton can be played on existing outdoor badminton courts by extending the length of the traditional court on both ends. This method of conversion will involve minimal construction work to use the court for both games.

Conversion of Beach Volleyball Courts to AirBadminton Courts

Many beaches and public parks have beach volleyball courts that are underused and represent and investment that is not achieving the objective of increasing active participation by the public.

These courts represent a real opportunity to provide a new alternative recreational activity that is affordable and sustainable. Sand AirBadminton courts can become a new and exciting additional activity for beaches and public parks.

The traditional beach volleyball court dimension is 16m x 8m; therefore, an AirBadminton court can easily be set up by reducing the width of the court by 1m on each side and attaching two lines at the front of the court to mark the 2m dead zone.