Disability Coaching

For coaches working with players with disabilities, it is important to keep in mind the BWF’s inclusive philosophy of “One Sport – One Team”.

The principles in our Shuttle Time and Coach Education resources are applicable to ALL players, including those with physical or intellectual disabilities. In essence, disability coaching is good badminton coaching.

As the inclusivity statement in the Coach Education manuals explains, coaches should not be afraid to apply and adapt:

  • the “How to Coach” and “What to Coach” principles and practices
  • technical practices according to the needs and abilities of the players
  • questioning skills to identify the best ways to provide meaningful and appropriate practice

BWF has developed a new Level 1 module which addresses some specific areas of focus when coaching players with disabilities.  As with any of our resources, the idea is to provide a starting point, which the coach can adapt or adjust depending on the players’ needs.

All  Level 1 videos are readily available online at BWF’s Youtube Channels.

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More information about para badminton sport classes and the classification process can be found in the “PARA BADMINTON” section.