Technical Officials

Technical Officials (TOs) include referees, umpires, and line judges, and each plays an important part in ensuring fair and objective competition at consistent high standards.  As such, the BWF is committed to recruiting, developing, and maintaining skilled and well-qualified TOs at all levels.

The BWF is producing free educational materials for technical officials, including:

  • Line Judges’ Manual
  • Umpires’ Manual Level 1
  • Umpires’ Manual Level 2
  • Umpires’ Guide to Inclusive Events
  • Referees’ Manual Level 1
  • Referees’ Manual Level 2
  • Referees’ Guide to Inclusive Events
  • Supporting video clips

The manuals can be downloaded by individuals wishing to improve their knowledge or by organisations that are interested in using them in their training programmes. (Register here)

In this section of the Development website, you can find out more about the educational resources available and the training processes for becoming a technical official.  If, on the other hand, you are looking for more detailed information on the BWF TO structure and the TO nomination process for events, you may want to visit the Technical Officials page of our Corporate website.