AirBadminton Court

Following considerable testing, piloting and data collection, the proposed playing court is a rectangle measuring 16m x 6m metres for doubles and triples, and 16m x 5m for singles; surrounded by a free zone, which is a minimum of 1m on all sides.

The length of the court is slightly longer than the 13.4m indoor badminton court, this is due to the fact that the AirBadminton court has a 2m dead zone at the front of the court in order to incentive rallies away from net area, which will lead to a better AirShuttle flight performance.

The new court’s dimensions ensure that the AirShuttle will stay in play longer and rallies will be more entertaining.

The posts supporting the net shall be placed outside each side line, and shall be no further than a 1.0 metre from each side line.

  • When playing on grass and hard surfaces courts, posts shall be 1.55m in height from the surface of the court.
  • For sand surface, the posts shall be 1.5m in height and the top of the net from the surface should be 1.45m at the centre of the court.*

*Research showed that by lowering the net to 1.45m, errors were reduced and rallies were extended.

Dead Zone

Tests showed that the characteristics of the AirShuttle make net shots very difficult to control, therefore, the net area has been taken out by marking a 2m dead zone, this will encourage strokes away from the net and to facilitate rally situations.

The player must not step inside the dead zone to hit the AirShuttle; after the hit, the player can step or land inside the dead zone.