Membership Categorisation


In 2020 the BWF introduced a new system of Membership Categorisation, to provide an objective overview of the level of development of each Member Association. This evaluation tool aims to highlight areas of strength, and further development within each country, which in-turn allows specific support to be channeled to each association through the BWF and its Continental Confederations.

How Do We Measure Member Associations?

The Membership Categorisation Tool uses 35 individual indicators to measure a Member Associations level of development. These 35 indicators are split across four key assessment areas, with a series of points allocated to each area:

Member Associations are allocated a series of points against each indicator, based on a points scale.

How Many Levels of Development Are There?

There are 10 levels of development within the Membership Categorisation Tool.

1= lowest rating – (Inactive) / 10 = highest rating (Elite Developed)

A global breakdown of the BWF Membership Categorisation can be viewed below.

Where is the Data Gathered From?

The data used to complete the Membership Categorisation Tool is taken from a number of sources, including:

  • BWF Membership Questionnaire
  • BWF World Ranking
  • BWF Junior World Ranking
  • BWF Para Badminton World Ranking
  • BWF Schedule A
  • BWF Calendar / Event Hosting

To ensure accuracy, the BWF goes through a review process of all data to be used, with each of the five Continental Confederations.

How Often is the Categorisation of Member Associations Carried Out?

The BWF review the categorisation level of Member Associations every two-years, in conjunction with the BWF Membership Questionnaire.

Can Member Associations Categorisation Level Change?

Yes, by channeling specific, needs-based support to Member Associations, the level of development will hopefully improve and the categorisation level of Member Associations will be reflected. Similarly, should there be a reduction of points, it is possible that a Member Associations categorisation level may drop.

For more information please contact the BWF Development Team at [email protected]