Type of Support & Implementation Process

The following areas are considered when determining support to be offered to each Member Association as part of the Membership Grants Programme:

  • Areas of development highlighted through the BWF Categorisation Tool
  • Priorities highlighted by MAs through the BWF Membership Questionnaire
  • Areas of development highlighted by the Continental Confederations

Based on the above areas, the BWF, in collaboration with its Continental Confederations, offer a package of specific support to each Member Association.

Type of support available

Through the Membership Grants programme, Member Associations can access support in a range of areas. In all cases, support offered through the Membership Grants Programme should be measurable and represent clear outcomes, which support the growth of badminton nationally.

A list of common areas in which support is offered can be viewed below.

Membership Grants Implementation Process

Once a Member Association has completed the BWF Membership Questionnaire, and is given a Level of Development, through the Membership Categorisation Tool, the following steps will occur:

1 Eligible Member Associations Contacted Outlining Support Offered
2 Member Associations Select Support and Submit Budget
3 BWF/CCs Review Proposals Submitted by each Member Association
4 Agreements Sent to Member Associations
5 Agreements Signed and Submitted by Member Associations
6 Funds Released to Member Associations
7 Support Activities Delivered
8 Financial and Activity Reports Submitted by Member Associations

Note: In order to access the grant support for the following year, Member Associations must complete the above steps.

Covid-19 Pandemic (2020)

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the BWF has taken the decision to adjust the Membership Grants Programme for the year 2020, in order to meet the current needs of Member Associations, particularly those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more information please contact the BWF Development Team at [email protected]