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The main difference is the design and dimensions of the court. The AirBadminton court has a 2m dead zone at the front of the court. Should the AirShuttle land in that area, it is deemed a fault.

The characteristics of the AirShuttle make nets shots very difficult to control, therefore, the net area has been taken out to encourage strokes away from the net and to facilitate rally situations.

The player must not step inside the dead zone to hit the AirShuttle; after the hit, the player can step or land inside the dead zone.

AirBadminton can be played anywhere: in parks, gardens, streets, playgrounds and beaches around the world. AirBadminton can be played on any level, safe surface including on hard, grass and sand.

Setting up an AirBadminton court is very simple. You will only need a net system and a set of boundary lines. For more detailed information on AirBadminton court set-up and equipment, click here (link).

Absolutely! AirBadminton can also be played on existing outdoor badminton courts.

Yes. The AirShuttle has been specifically designed to be played with existing rackets. Based on the AirShuttle design and outdoor elements involved during the game, it is recommended that players use a lower tension (between 8-9kg / 17.5-20lbs) and a thicker string when playing AirBadminton.

It is possible to play AirBadminton with existing shuttlecocks, but the game and court have been specifically developed based on the characteristics of the AirShuttle. Therefore, we recommend playing with the AirShuttle wherever possible for maximum enjoyment.

The data we collected during the testing and game development phase of the project confirms that AirBadminton provides the same health benefits as badminton. In fact, the physical effort required to play competitively on sand is even higher than in badminton.

There is a 3m marker clearly visible on the side line. The player shall serve from anywhere behind this marker within the court, with both feet stationary. The whole AirShuttle should be below net height at the point of impact. Subsequently, the flight of the AirShuttle is upwards from the server’s racket.

Players sink into the sand when playing on a sand surface. Research showed that by lowering the net to 1.45m, errors were reduced and rallies were extended.

Men’s Singles | Women’s Singles | Men’s Doubles | Women’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles | Triples

AirBadminton can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, ability, gender and level of experience. It is an inclusive sport that can also be enjoyed by people with disabilities.

Triples is a new fast-paced and exciting play event where good strategy and communication is key between teammates.  Players are not allowed to hit two consecutive returns. The player must allow another member of the team to take the next return. This rule creates more movement and increases the strategic element of the game.