Umpires have authority over individual matches and are in charge of the court and its immediate surroundings.  They ensure that the Laws of Badminton and other regulations are followed during the matches they officiate.

Umpires are initially trained and gain experience within their national federations.  Those who show talent and dedication may be nominated by their national federations to progress to the continental level.  Finally, umpires who show promise at the continental level may be recommended for advancement to the BWF level.

There are two levels of BWF Umpires’ Manuals that can assist in this process:

  • Level 1 is aimed at preparing candidates up to the national level.
  • Level 2 will be aimed at preparing candidates up to the continental level.

The Level 1 Umpires’ Manual is available in English, French and Spanish.  The Level 2 Umpires’ Manual is available in English.  It is important to point out that at the continental and BWF levels, training and evaluation is carried out in English. (Register here)

If you are interested in getting started as an umpire, please contact your national federation to find out about opportunities and training.