BWF Membership Grants Programme Gets Going

February 16, 2021

Under the BWF Membership Grants Programme, activated in 2020, over 100 Member Associations received their first sums of money in November.

Due to COVID-19, the funds were aimed at stimulating a return of badminton activities, with ‘Back to Badminton’ the underlying theme.

These are some highlights of the national activities delivered in 2020.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Badminton Federation started the National Elite Training with more than 50 players.


CNPB Senegal started its first BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers courses. A three-day Tutors Course and a two-day Teachers Course targeting PE teachers attracted 34 participants. Fourteen participants were certified BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Badminton Association launched a new National Player structure, introducing allowances to support players’ economic conditions and a nutrition programme for their elite squads.


Dushanbe Open Republican Badminton Tournament saw 98 athletes (across three age groups), 14 coaches and 20 judges from five regions of Tajikistan take part.


Dubai’s oldest sports club Al Nasr launched its women’s badminton team, marking the first time a national club adopting badminton as a priority sport. Twenty-six women joined the programme to be trained by certified coaches for national and international tournaments.


Badminton Federation of Kosovo organised a camp to promote AirBadminton to club players. A separate event to promote badminton was also held at Don Bosko College. It drew 70 participants, including from seven elementary schools in the Municipality of Gjilan.


Slovakia Badminton Association delivered two coach education seminars and educated more than 30 local coaches. Both seminars are delivered by Judith Meulendijks, an Olympian from Netherlands and currently a coach in Switzerland. 


From October to December, Serbia Badminton Association maintained the elite national training programme for 20 players of various age groups.


The Fiji Nationals and Junior Nationals brought together a whopping 118 players across 21 events.

Cook Islands

Tutors delivered Shuttle Time lessons to primary schools around the island for four weeks. The top players then competed in the 4th Annual Primary Schools Tournament. In addition, two tutors travelled to the Island of Atiu to deliver Shuttle Time lessons and a Teachers Course. It was the first exposure to badminton for the 97 students of the island’s only school.


Three camps were held – for beginners (9 to 17 years old), multisport camp for kids aged 6 to 17 and a three-week high performance training camp for elite players. The second camp drew 20 kids, with 12 trying badminton for the first time.


Aruba Badminton Federation delivered badminton sessions to all classes of the Maria College Mavo Secondary School. Racket skills, agility movement and rules of the game were taught to students.


Suriname Badminton Association organised an AirBadminton launch event to encourage public to experience the new outdoor game. It included a Mini Team competition on two beach sand courts and a tryout session on three grass courts. The event attracted more than 60 people.

Falkland Islands

The Falklands 2020 Badminton National Championships had 20 participants across the five traditional disciplines.

More information on the BWF Membership Grants Programme, visit here.