BWF Technical Officials’ Umpires’ Guide to Inclusive Events is AVAILABLE!

October 14, 2021

The BWF understands the importance of making our educational resources inclusive, meaning that they apply to ALL those who practice our sport, as well as those who support them. The integration of Para badminton into the BWF gave rise to our philosophy of “One Sport, One Team”, and our practice is aimed at ensuring that the same opportunities and support systems are available from “grassroots to podium” for not only able-bodied enthusiasts, but also those with physical impairments and those with intellectual disabilities. This includes our resources for players, coaches and also technical officials.

BWF has recently release a new resource for technical officials – The Umpires’ Guide to Inclusive Events.

This guide will complement the existing set of resources for training technical officials, consisting of a Line Judges’ Manual, an Umpires’ Manual (Level 1 & Level 2) and a Referees’ Manual (Level 1 & Level 2), as well as accompanying educational videos.

The Umpires’ Guide to Inclusive Events covers all the specific aspects of umpiring in Para badminton & Special Olympics, including content on physical and intellectual disabilities. It does not touch on general umpiring, as this is already covered by the existing educational resources.

These educational resources can be used by Members Associations in their training programmes, as well as by any interested individuals who want to improve their knowledge.  The Line Judges’ Manual, Umpires’ Manual & Referee’s Manual can be downloaded at no cost from our Education website (here).

These resources are aimed at helping train technical officials starting at the grassroots level, focusing on the knowledge and skills candidates will need to successfully officiate up to a national level. They address the basic knowledge and skills that new technical officials need, as well as practical tips and scenarios to deepen their understanding. They also aim to help new candidates understand the pathway open to them if these choose to advance to higher levels of officiating.