BWF-WAoS Scholarship Programme 2021 for Young Athletes

September 13, 2021

Badminton World Federation (BWF) in partnership with the World Academy of Sport (WaoS) have opened the new cycle of scholarship programme for the WAoS Athlete Certificate which is an online course developed for aspiring young athletes aged between 15 to 18 years of age who want to gain a broader understanding of the tools needed to become successful and knowledgeable athletes.

Last year, BWF received more than 310 applications from more than 60 countries, with female youth athletes accounting for 40 per cent of it. (read more)

In the 2021 cycle, BWF & WAoS are offering 100 scholarships per member association to access the online course. The course has been designed and written by content writers who work regularly with athletes and has been overseen by an expert reference group representing a number of International Federations, including the BWF. The online course can be completed within 4.5 hours. (more information)

All applicants will need to be in good standing with their Member Association. BWF will ensure a good balance of gender in the process of selecting successful applicants.

Successful applicants will be selected and may receive a full scholarship to allow them to participate in the programme. The BWF will notify all Member Associations and applicants of the outcome of their applications by the early of November 2021.


Scholarship application opens 10 September 2021
Scholarship application deadline 08 October 2021
Confirmation by BWF Early of November 2021
Course completion deadline 31 December 2021


Please note the maximum number of applications per country is 100.

Instructions: Before you start filling the online application, please read the example of the application form carefully, which will assist you in preparing the information and documents you will need and answering the questions you will be asked in the process. (here)

Please complete the online Athlete Certificate Application Form 2021 in full by 08 October 2021.

Note: All forms must be completed in English.