Capacity Building for Member Associations

July 21, 2022


Participants from across Europe came together at Badminton Europe’s Centre of Excellence in Holbaek, Denmark for the World Academy of Sport’s Player Pathway Programme from 7–9 June.  This edition included participants from the Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Estonia, Croatia, Iceland, Israel and Hungary.

Run with BWF, this innovative experience is aimed at key Member Association personnel from both high performance and administration, giving them the opportunity to work through case studies designed to help them navigate the challenges of setting up a successful player pathway. Their interactions within carefully designed group tasks prepare them to construct a meaningful and contextualised pathway within their own contexts, thereby increasing the chances of uptake and success.

The three-day workshop involved a combination of expert presentations on high-level topics in sports and applied group-work sessions in which participants learned more about the systems in their peers’ countries.  Following the course, participants will complete an action plan detailing how they will implement and/or improve the player pathway in their countries.

If you are interested in attending the programme, please get in touch with your Member Association.


BWF has recently launched the Introductory Marketing & Communication’s Course (Online) to strengthen Member Association’s marketing and communications processes. Whether you are a small grassroots organisation or a larger well-established federation, it is important to let people know what you do.  Your marketing plan will help generate interest in badminton, while your communications strategy will keep your audience up to date on what is happening in your community.