How Science Backs BWF Coach Education

January 16, 2021

One of the benefits of the Swiss ball training, part of the BWF Coach Education Level 2 Resources, is its positive effect on the integrity of functional movements and balance of upper and lower limbs of teenage badminton players.

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As shown by the 2019 study undertaken by researchers at Allameh Tabataba’i University in Tehran, Iran, the exercise considerably influenced the FMS test, lower limb Y balance test and upper limb Y balance test of the 29 youngsters who participated in the semi-experimental research.

Selected and divided randomly into control (13 players) and experimental groups (16 players), they performed eight weeks of Swiss ball training before participating in three badminton exercise sessions per week. Importantly, the post hoc testing identified a significant increase between weeks 4 and 8 in all three tests.

The unstable surface of Swiss balls is effective in improving the stability and strength of stabilising muscles, helping with injury prevention among badminton players.

The efforts to lower the frequency of injuries yield an increase in the natural growth of bones and soft tissues by diminishing the risk of falling and damages to growth plates.

The Swiss ball training, therefore, can be suggested for trainers and other related fields as an injury-prevention method and to enhance the balance of teenagers, which when combined, lead to performance improvements.

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