Para Badminton Development Ramped Up

November 11, 2022

With the global community steadily transitioning out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BWF’s Para Badminton development activities were ramped up in Quarter 3.

Para Badminton National Classifier Workshops

In conjunction with the Oceania Para Badminton Championships in Melbourne in July, a BWF Para Badminton National Level 1 Classifier Workshop was held.

▸ Delivered by BWF Senior Classifier Dr Nevin Aysel to five trainees from Australia, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea.

▸ Consisted of theoretical and observation sessions, which introduced Para badminton and athlete classification.

Another Level 1 Workshop was held in Kampala during the Uganda Para Badminton International and African Para Badminton Championships in September, when BWF invited five Trainee Classifiers from Uganda, and one Classifier each from DR Congo, India and Nigeria.

A Level 2 Workshop is planned in Colombia for November.

Para Badminton Female Participation Grant

Players supported by the BWF Para Badminton Female Participation Grant made their debuts at the VICTOR Oceania Para Badminton Championships 2022 (Dorna Longbut, Papua New Guinea) and Indonesia Para Badminton International 2022 (Koshika Devda, India). Seven new players also featured at the September tournaments in Kampala.

More development activities such as Coach Forum, International Classifier Seminar and Proud Paralympian programme were delivered in conjunction of the BWF Para Badminton World Championship 2022 in Tokyo.