BWF Equipment Support – AirBadminton National Tournaments 2024


The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is excited to announce the AirBadminton National Tournaments – BWF Equipment support programme, designed to encourage and support Member Associations in organizing AirBadminton national championships and tournaments. By providing this support package, the BWF aims to accelerate the development and integration of AirBadminton at the national level.

Support Details

The BWF Equipment support for AirBadminton National tournaments includes the following:

  • AirShuttles: A supply of BWF AirShuttles that will ensure your national championship has enough equipment for exciting matches and practice sessions.
  • Competition Kits: Each kit includes essential equipment for setting up an AirBadminton court, including, a bag, boundary lines and service cones.

Additional Support

The BWF is committed to supporting Member Associations in every step of the AirBadminton implementation process. In addition to the equipment package, members can access the following resources:

AirBadminton National Tournament and Technical Guidelines (link): Key information on how to organise a national tournament including practical guidance on court setup, equipment specifications, and tournament organization.

AirBadminton Rules & Regulations (link): A comprehensive document outlining latest rules and playing format for AirBadminton competitions.

Promotional Materials & Support: Branding toolkit (link), promo videos (link) and customized country logos to help promote your AirBadminton national championship. BWF shall share your activities on its development social media platforms.

Basic Guidelines for Technical Officials (link): To support the implementation of your tournaments and training for Technical Officials.


Applications can be submitted by any Member Association in Good Standing by completing the application form.

The form must be completed and submitted online (click below) at latest 4 weeks prior to the start of the proposed tournament.

Reference form in PDF. Please kindly complete the online form above.


The beneficiary Member Association shall complete the online tournament report (click below) with at least 10 photos and send to [email protected] no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the tournament.

Please note that: If no reporting is received in a timely manner, the BWF may request the return of the equipment and/or invoice the beneficiary Member Association for the cost incurred (including shipping).

Reference form in PDF.  Please kindly complete the online form above.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • The support is open to all BWF Member Associations in Good Standing.
  • Each Member Association is eligible to receive this support only once per year.
  • The equipment are offered to run a national AirBadminton tournament and/or championships with participation of both male and female players.
  • Following the tournament, the remaining AirShuttles (if any) and the competition kits, may be used for development activities and/or for more tournaments.
  • The Member Association acknowledges its responsibility to maintain the equipment in good condition and implement sustainable practices for its storage, use, and potential future use or disposal.
  • The beneficiary Member Association shall report back to the BWF as stipulated in the reporting section above.
  • The AirShuttles shall exclusively be used for the selected tournament and thereafter for promotion, competition and development opportunities only; they cannot be resold to third parties or used for commercial purposes.
  • Under no circumstances, the AirShuttle can be shared with local manufacturers to replicate the design – please note that the AirShuttle design is internally patented.
  • The BWF may request the return of the equipment and/or invoice the beneficiary Member Association the cost (including shipping) of the equipment if they are ineffectually or improperly used.

For further information on this support, contact Mr. Sahir Edoo, BWF Head of Development Projects [email protected].