BWF-WAoS Dual Career Scholarship Updates 2023

September 1, 2023

Badminton World Federation (BWF), in collaboration with the World Academy of Sport (WAoS), has launched a new cycle of scholarships for the Postgraduate Certificate in International Sports Management offered by the WAoS and the University of London in early February 2023 (link) and the Athlete Certificate course in early April 2023 (link).

PGC ISM Programme – September intake

After the application closes on 31 May 2023, we have received a total of ten applications from athletes and member association’s staff from eight different countries.

The shortlisted candidates for the scholarship support of one full scholarship, one half scholarship and five 25% scholarships have been finalised. The full scholarship support is offered to Raúl Anguiano Para SL4 player from Guatemala.

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This brings us to the approximately a total number of 24 candidates enrolled in the programme since February 2021. The students range from Olympians, Paralympians, current and former athletes, to Member Association staff.

Athlete Certificate course

For the Athlete Certificate course, BWF received 101 applications, out of which 93 players (31 female and 62 male) from 27 countries have been selected.