Towards Greater Equality on the Field of Play and Beyond

July 9, 2019

Badminton is known for having a balanced split of events for male and female players.  However, BWF is conscious that this also needs to be reflected in other areas of the sport as well.   Coaches, technical officials and leadership positions are areas where women are still vastly underrepresented, and this has implications from grassroots participation to fair representation and good governance.

In order to understand where we are, BWF has carried out an analysis of female representation in various areas:

  • Shuttle Time (Teachers and Tutors)
  • Coach Education (Coaches and Tutors)
  • Technical Officials (Line Judges, Umpires and Referees)
  • Governance (Presidents and Secretaries General)
There is a good deal of variation by programme, level and Continental Confederation.  This suggests that targeted measures are needed to help address the specific challenges at different levels and in different contexts.

To gain a better understanding of the experiences of female candidates in our Coach Education programme, BWF recently conducted a survey of participants on Coach and Tutor courses.  Questions were aimed at learning about their motivation for attending a course, their experiences on the course and their professional situations after the course.

Survey participants were eager to share their insights about their professional journeys and this information is being used to develop guidelines aimed at strengthen the gender balance at MA, CC and BWF levels.

For more information on BWF’s Gender Equity efforts, please contact Sharon Springer at [email protected]